Memory Workshop

"Your memory plays an integral role in shaping your future."

Was there a time when you could remember everyone and their names you have come across in your life? How about in this digital world remembering the telephone numbers or the important events in your life? No wonder people today find it impossible as they are highly influenced by the technology.

Boost up your memory with powerful techniques

Sudarshan Sabat will help you out with some mind-blowing strategies to remember all the important things in your life through his engaging interactive memory workshop.Sudarshan Sabat offers you a day-long event, which is divided into various sessions. He creates a comfortable environment and helps you develop your concentration and imagination, as well as creativity and visualization. The sessions include:



The program helps you learn to realize your hidden potential, while you also learn to overcome the failures and rejections, as well as control your emotions in life. Sudarshan Sabat teaches you simple mind focusing techniques that help:

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.

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