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Productivity Time Management

Empower yourself with effective time management. Take some time to think about your time before you spend it to enhance your productivity and achieve work-life balance. With today's hectic schedules and the need for instant gratification, everyone has a lot of things to do within shorter span of time. The most successful people understand the value of time which determines the quality of their life.

Want to manage your time efficiently?

People fail to be productive for various reasons. They tend to become overburdened with too many tasks and priorities within a given time frame, procrastination or high stress. Sudarshan Sabat, through his timeless principles will help you manage your decision, with proper time management and distinguish the most priority ones

The workshop is designed to help people, irrespective of being in any job or field to improve their productivity, while managing time. You learn:



Some of the benefits of participating in the workshop are improve your time management skills, learn to prioritize tasks, manage productivity, organize and manage team, handle stress and exhaustion, and so on.

Get the most of this workshop for it helps you increase your efficiency and strength.

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