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Sudarshan Sir's delivery method was great and he was touching each and everyone in the room. Sudarshan Sir's training has changed my mindset and attitude towards Life The environment and the energy level of Sudarshan Sir was electrifying and he had

Ketan Jha

HR Manager - TSC IT Pvt Ltd

I have organized and attended motivational programs before but the kind of response this one created is simply awesome. Sudarshan Sir, everyone is impressed with your genuineness, approachability & one to one connectivity.

Darshana Lal

CEO at Akriti Arts

It was the best training I have ever attended. I found answers for lots of things that have or are happening in my Life, their root causes and how I could bring about changes in my Life.

Karishma Singhania


Sudarshan Sir has been instrumental in bringing about a new dimension to an outbound programme with the element of creativity and personal transformation which has led many an employee to make a huge shift in his/her self confidence/ self esteem

Jitendra Kamble

Gym Owner

Hi Sudarshan. Happen to attend your free seminar in Pune and I must admit it was better than expected. However there were a few loopholes which if taken care of could make your seminars more interesting and engaging and bring about a higher conversion



When everything went wrong I lost hope. However, I had an opportunity to attend the mind-power training program conducted by Sudarshan Sabat because of my family friend.

Vishal Sharma



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