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3 months ago

Sudarshan Sabat

Don't you think healthy and tasty food is the best combination?

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Food Through Mindful Eating

Breathe before eating. We often move from one task right to the other without pausing or taking a breath. By pausing, we slow down and allow for a more calm transition to our meals. Closing your eyes, take 8 to 10 deep breaths before you start your meal.

Listen to your body. After breathing, bring your awareness to the physical sensations in your belly. Understand how hungry you are. Physical sensations like emptiness in the stomach, no desire to eat, stomach growling, etc tell us about our hunger.

Eat according to your hunger. Now that you are more in touch with how hungry you are, you can more mindfully choose what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. This simple practice can help you tune in to your real needs.

If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. Take your first three bites mindfully, experience the taste, flavours, textures, and how much enjoyment you are receiving from a certain food. Make a mindful choice about what to eat based on what you really enjoy.

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3 months ago

Sudarshan Sabat

Potential to change the world, change people's thinking is inherent in a strong Mind trained for many years.

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3 months ago

Sudarshan Sabat

Mr Vishnu Sharma is one of our Participants, who has successfully completed 8 days Train the Trainer program. He shared his after training experience. Mr Vishnu Sharma said that everyone that wishes to be successful should attend Sudarshan sir's program once in their life. Sir made him realise that his work or his job will not set limits on his dreams. But the hard work and self-belief will make them come true.

To Order Mind Winner World Winner Book
Call: +91 8655 655 454 / 8655 655 455
Visit: www.sudarshansabat.com

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A prominent Master Mind Trainer & Business Coach, Sudarshan Sabat is the author of Mind Winner World Winner. Over the years he has inspired and enriched a lot of people towards the accomplishment of their goals, both professionally and personally. He believes and follows the mantra of “Never give up in life” and this attitude has made him excel in every aspect of life. He displays a deep understanding of human behaviour which led him to reach out to people and help them not only to realize their dreams but also to achieve them.

His workshops give astounding mind power techniques that can lead to a rewarding personal and professional life. All these years He has inspired many people from various industries. Through amazing mind power techniques, He has helped people achieve what they want in life. Even you can learn from him by enrolling the following workshops,

About Train The Trainer Program - The training industry is a big opportunity to transform people’s lives. There are 1000’s of trainers who come and try their luck but are unable to become successful. Our Train the Trainer Program will help you learn the techniques of becoming a successful Trainer in life.

About Mind Mastery & Advance Mind Mastery Combo Program - The only thing that is required in our life to initiate success in our life is confidence. By making you do activity-based programs, we in our mind mastery program will help you overcome all your hurdles and obstacles of life.

There are so many problems that we have to face in our life, many of such problems are not even created by us. We are usually the victim of the situation. The only solution to come out from these problems is by learning the right method to solve problems. Teaching you the technique of connecting with God, we in Mind Mastery & Advance Mind Mastery help you solve every problem of your life.

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3 months ago

Sudarshan Sabat

Success Story of Masoom Minawala

Masoom Minawala was born on 17th December in Mumbai. She did her schooling from Bombay Scottish School. Masoom was a tomboy in school. As the football captain, she always came home with the dirtiest socks. She developed an interest in fashion after her graduation. She did an internship with a cousin, who was a fashion designer. But the experience wasn’t what she expected.

Masoom turned her focus to the business side with a marketing internship with Brand Marketing India, where one of her research projects was on fashion bloggers. Masoom thought of giving blogging a shot and started her own blog. She began to style her existing wardrobe and post pictures online for the whole world to see. She soon started garnering thousands of hits, numerous comments and amazing feedback by people everywhere.

A year-and-a-half into fashion blogging made her realize that this was going to be her life. She completed six diploma courses from London, after which she returned to Mumbai and started working on her e-commerce website, Style Fiesta. But, technology was her biggest hurdle. She had to change her developers four times before she set up her e-commerce website.

Masoom strength has kept her going through all the hiccups she’s faced while setting up this business and running it. The competition was tough with the same merchandise available on multiple fashion portals. But she believed in herself and today she is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India. She has worked with some of the world’s leading fashion, luxury, beauty, travel and lifestyle brands.

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3 months ago

Sudarshan Sabat

What do you think helps you to relax your mind?

4 Ways to take a mindful pause and calm your mind.

Remember what is to be done - Remember when you intend to do something important, it is necessary you remember it. If you intend to do yoga or to meditate, put your yoga mat or your meditation cushion somewhere you will pass by, so you can’t miss it as you walk around.

Refresh your triggers regularly - Repeating the same things regularly will not improve your mind. Try out different things by bringing slight and creative changes in your routine so that your mind doesn't go back to its old habits again.

Take long breaths - The best way to calm your mind in minutes is to keep quiet, close your eyes and take long breaths. This will bring your mind to peace so that you can take your decisions with a calm mind and not stressed out. Shifting the balance to give your slow brain more power takes some work, though. Here are some ways to get started.
Create new patterns - You don’t have to be stuck in the patterns you made yourself. Changes in patterns bring creativity in your mind. Pausing to practise mindfulness for just a few minutes at different times during the day can help your days be better.

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