What’s Money Blueprint about?

If you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck, burdened by debt and have no plans for the future then you need Money Blueprint. Unfortunately, many people serve money without ever having made a conscious choice to do so. By not learning how to manage your money, you become a servant to your finances. Sudarshan Sabat is the best mind trainer devoted to investing in people. He is passionate about guiding others into a sustainable financial freedom. But he’s interested in more than just teaching people how to reach financial independence.

The extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with people and understanding their mind has made Sudarshan Sabat an effective mind trainer in money mastery. His Money Blueprint workshop is designed based on understanding the needs of people. His easy-to-apply methodology and insightful sessions are best known to have helped participants know their true potential and achieve higher profits and greater financial freedom in business, work, as well as life. Learn how to build wealth, not for wealth’s sake, but for the power.

Workshop Program Features

The Money Blueprint program conducted in a dynamic environment consists of:

⦁ Attract wealth and wisdom and develop the mindset of the true winner
⦁ Money Exercise
⦁ Winning Money Game
⦁ Financial Freedom Technique
⦁ Money Emotion
⦁ Money Management
⦁ Secret Money Mindset

Program Cost: INR 25,000

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